Yuriko Hishimi Photos YURIKO 1967-73 Evergreen Photo Book


ひし美ゆり子写真集 YURIKO 1967-73 Evergreen

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Release Date: January 17, 2015


– Contents Introduction

Honey is full.
In such as Anne personnel officers of the -Ultra Seven-, still a lot of fans to attract eternal idle Yuriko Hishimi. Her legendary photo album engraved with -all of the youth-, but new excavation nude and unpublished treasured photos, revival, such as in the strongest version by adding a new interview!

1967-73 years shooting, to the cute and culmination of a sexy private photos of young (*) This book is the first full-scale photo collection that is, best-selling published in 02 years. 06 years become the out-of-print since [New Edition], long expensive Premier as a phantom of items, for the hard-to-find, but had a -really want!- Enthusiastic that voice was asked many, this time, Hishibi and Mr. to obtain a special license of the former publisher, bearing the subtitle of -Evergreen- and revive the publication of as [augmented New Edition], finally realized. Inokashira Park and clear and cold name shot at the (spring, summer and winter), bright studio shot swimwear and nude, in addition to the art of location shots in Fussa, Yokota Air Base and in the early ’70s, such as Setagaya Ward in the landscape, now also recorded masterpiece of overseas Roque nude gravure of -mediocre punch,- -weekly Playboy- legendary! pure, erotic. She has combined the purity and small devil resistance, show us the facial profile of the -woman- various per page (face), it is a gem of a book.
In addition this time, augment the color 8P at the end. Vivid and color nude that has been in recent years a new excavation, -Ultra Seven- shooting start other rhea private snap of at the time of the shooting stations, indie 8 mm film -Fall of the pupil- of the phantom of Hishibi’s starring (73 years) scene shot from a 72-year summer of Paris & Guam travel snap, open invitation reprint of Ginza club’s Hishibi had been run in the 70’s -Sararejan-, omit photographic two revival in 06 years edition, and, such as a new coverage interview of Mr. Hishibi, -This more than there can be no- ultimate luxury specification!
* TV, still photo of a movie is not recorded. * Use the valuable print data at the time, you can enjoy the original version and the equivalent of high-definition magazine. Same editing and design staff and 02-year version, 06 years edition will carefully production. * 02-year version of the pinup, the booklet is 06 years edition, each limited specification at the time, it will not be filled at this time.
In addition to the augmentation of color 8P, the old version at the end of the -shooting of Memories-, -Preface to the publication- by Yuriko Hishimi / shooting data such as also re-recorded!
Published: revive the publication dot-com / Publishing cooperation: NBC Universal Entertainment Japan / (C) 2015 Yuriko Hishimi
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This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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