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鞆鉄道 (RM LIBRARY196)

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Located in the current of Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, famous Tomo in -Tomonoura- has flourished since ancient times as the Seto Inland Sea one of the best harbor.
However, the trunk a Sanyo railway (Sanyo after) is the train passes through the Fukuyama inland, further Shikoku contact center of from the railway become Uno-Takamatsu route, the bustle, such as before the harbor of Tomo is lost I went.
Under these circumstances, and Fukuyama through which the Sanyo, is 鞆鉄 road had been planned Tomo light railway, after to tie and Tomo.
Opening the era entered the Taisho shortly after 1913 years, was the light railway of gauge 762mm.
It was operated by a steam locomotive, when the era enters the Showa introduced a gasoline car, was against the bus that has been developed.
But was crowded even in the use of bathers in the summer, after the war began the transition to a bus, in 1954 finally was abolished the railway in the year.
This information that describes and walks over 40 Toshiyo of road 鞆鉄, for the vehicle group.

This is a Japanese book.
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