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スーパー・ポーズブック ヌード C 4冊セット バラエティ編 手と指の表情編 足 脚 脚線美編 小倉奈々 紗倉まな 神崎詩織 桜ここみ 麻生希 (スーパー・ポーズ ブック ヌード 編)

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Associated Names: Super Pose Book Nude C 4-Volume Set Expression of the Hands and Fingers hen, Feet Legs Beauty of Leg Lines hen, Nana Ogura, Mana Sakura, Saori Kanzaki, Kokomi Sakura, Nozomi Aso Japanese Nude Posing Catalog Book
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Total pages 702 pages
Language: Japanese
Release Date: October 3, 2014


1. Variety edition (160 pages)Comics, illustrations, figure drawingPose Collection to stimulate the picture Gokoro of all of the people who draw a picture. Pose meaningful with the movement of the basic, Continuous pose wearing-off Configured in Moe pause, cosplay pose, gravure pose. The pose and the angle to become a painting about 1000 cut included!Supervisor: Koji ShimamotoModel: Nana Ogura Photo: Ogata TadashiShigeru2. Variety Hen 2 (160 pages)Once again it poses to jerk stimulate the picture Gokoro super packed !!Fun look, one Book help comics, illustrations, figure drawing, to a multi-!!Lots from sailor to rifle!Costumes and nude, maid, uniform, school swimsuit, shrine maiden in yukata, and until the diver’s!In the military, eds., Appointed the original Self-Defense Forces to pose supervision.Stick to the real you have to meet the demands of readers. Contents* Military Hen (There is also a page to deploy the same pose in camouflage clothing and nude)* Miko edited (with action scenes. Also recorded page to deploy the same pose in the shaman costumes and nude)* maid ed. (There is also a page to deploy the same pose in the maid and nude)* uniform Hen* school swimsuit Hen* yukata ed. (There is also a page to deploy the same pose in yukata and nude)* Ama Hen* gravure pose Hen* take off, wear the continuous pause (camouflage clothing, shaman costume uniforms School swimsuit, yukata)* multi-angle collection of face Supervisor: Koji ShimamotoModel: Mana SakuraPhotos: KANJI 3. hands and fingers of expression edition (192 pages)Hands and fingers is what is very difficult to draw.However, the expression of the hands and fingers is a rich than face, and has the power to speak eloquently than mouth.Pose Collection is this a collection of expression of such hands and fingers. Such as gesture of the hand, day-to-day operation, in the large themes that were classified to 15,300 deployed in situations about 1000 cut, material outstanding of one Book. In the surface systemic or bust-up, a pause along the themePublished in the nude so that is easy to picture, and the recorded hand up to the back,So to speak normal Pose Collection + combined version of the up photo Book of hand!It is a must-have people draw a picture !!table of contents 1. hand gesture Come? Please! No!, Fu? No … etc … 2. wear foil the panties, wear a garter belt, keep the blouse of the button etc … 3. Opening the drawer day-to-day operations, draw a curtain, hang out the laundry, with a convenience store bag etc … 4. put a coin in the vending machine operation on the money, count the money, etc … 5. Operation of PC ? communication equipment smartphone, iPad, mobile, PC etc … 6. fix the underwear grooming, etiquette, shower, waxing etc … 7. cosmetic-fashionable mascara put to put a piercing, Coloured etc … 8. Touch the body of the part, head, ears, nose, breast, ass etc … 9. peel the apple, Kitchen & Beverage open the lid of the jam, with a mug etc … 10. Hobby, preferences and play Trump, karaoke, camera, Piano etc …11. Use stationery12. Other13. number (1) 14. Car operation15. numbers (2)Model: Shiori Kanzaki, Sakura KokomiPhoto: Ogata TadashiShigeru4. foot legs Leg edition (190 pages)All be determined the foot (leg) is determined!A variety of poses and facial expressions to show the legs and feet!It can be immediately applied to the scene you want to write, definitive edition of the materials for the foot & leg!This year’s theme is, the feet and legs. But is a part that can not be lacking in terms of drawing the human body,Can not be quite well represented, it is where it is difficult to draw. This Book is devoted feet, legs, a spot on the leg line from the waist down,A variety of facial expressions and expressions of each of the parts, is Pose Collection was recorded along with the whole body nude.As the title, in order to draw a foot, leg-Leg is the one Book that I want to put all means at hand. Supervisor: Koji ShimamotoModel: Nozomi Aso Photos: KANJI

This is a Japanese Book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this Book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the Book surely!!
This Book is never sold in the foreign country.
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