Super Pose Book B Nude 4 Set Fantasy Stylish Action Nude Posing Catalog Book


スーパー・ポーズブック B ヌード 4冊セット ファンタジー:スタイリッシュ・アクション編 ドジっ娘OL編 アナタノペット編 バレエ 新体操 アクロバティック編 加藤リナ 小倉奈々 (スーパー・ポーズブック ヌード)

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Associated Names: Super Pose Book B Nude 4-Volume Set Fantasy: Stylish Action hen, Clunker Office Lady hen, Your Pet hen, Ballet Rhythmic Gymnastics Acrobatic hen Rina Kato, Nana Ogura Japanese Nude Posing Catalog Book
Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page.
Total pages 640 pages
Language: Japanese
Release Date: October 3, 2014


1. nude fantasy: stylish action edition (160 pages)Supervision Monoboshi Emiko comprehensive supervision of high school girl to fight,And leaders that has acquired the first Japanese swordsmanship instructor qualification in the United States the Was greeted by action supervision, fantasy earnest Pose Collection for your favorite people. Swordsman is splendidly old sword, Berserker is brandishing a battle size, Magician is juggle the magical rod!Was added to the drama of the material properties, is a Pose Collection while this Book itself is one Book of fantasy !!You just fantasy can buildFull of imagination of the moto, one Book of the creator must-have!Table of Contents Introduction routed (salute) grip the way of the main weapon Act 1 swordsman (knight) rapier, Broad Sword,Convincing action scenes of brilliant pose fierce fight knitting rapier versus rapier with a short sword!Act 2 Berserker (Berserker) sickle, comical pose brawl ed due to axSlapstick action turning pretend sickleAct 3 Assassin (assassin) pose mortal combat Hen decided messenger from the darkness with a knifeAssassin and Assassin’s showdown with murder nail!Act 4 magicianMysterious pose with a mask to cloak After the duel?Victory Extra Stage of the end of the fierce fightPose VS. nude in the same pose determined by the costumeSupervisor: Emiko HoshiModel: Kato RinaPhotos: RINA 2. dojikko OL edition (160 pages)Cute but, pose a collection of step-by-step of a little clunker of OL, a day to sleep from happening. Happening, and change of clothes, to work, to eat rice, and adultery!?Ikaseru everyday pose packed in character building! And take off the uniform, plain clothes, underwear wear continuous pause also packed !!table of contents* before going to work … Wake up, restroom, breakfast, change of clothes, makeup, Now go out!* office … once again in late, things drop is, Sukkorobu showy natural fully open!* flare up in a room of the secret meeting … his wife and children there boss and hotel!* return home … emptiness, refreshing wash away the Yarusena is in the shower!* outing of clothes to choose Once you clean in a relaxed time … balance ball in the stretch of the day off!Supervisor: Koji ShimamotoModel: Kato RinaPhotos: KANJI 3. Anatano pet edition (160 pages)Popular Ogura plays Nana forbidden restraint-bound Pose Collection of. Handcuffs, tied, blindfolded, gagged in chloro scene!And Part1 to approach in the pose a series of verisimilitude, Nana Ogura was transformed into a leopard-rabbit-cat, Part2 !! of comical scene packed to enchant with a cute smile and a body bestAnd uniform take off nurse’s clothing wear the detachable continuous scene also enhance!Immediate help in comics, illustrations, animation production, it does not pose packed in addition to the six characters!Part1 caught by …Daughter prisoner WaruThe man came closer with clever tactics, good family of your daughter you’ve allowed with care. Her fate had been waiting in the coming man of the house with curiosity … !?Uniform girl (further) WaruI noticed if deprived of the freedom of hands and feet, stupor of the girl.Sofa, basement, outdoors, in the bathtub, the hand of the devil Nikki entwined her!nurse She who was working as usual, is attacked by someone suddenly!She had been subjected to hypnosis regained consciousness. Contrary to the will, will take off their underwear …Girl became Part2 petLeopard The violent drop of the time when they are happy and moody. Also beaten in the whip to not listen to say today, with bared fangs Gao!rabbit Mischief I love innocence. Dickens also mischief Yarakashi today. Shrewsbury? Down attached handcuffs (handcuffs) to Punishment.CatUnrestrained whim bohemian. Favorite cat ‘s Rashi to scrounge a, Goronya? Emissions at large satisfaction.Continuous scene of Dari take off or wear page of bonusTake off uniform Nurse clothing wear Model: Nana Ogura Photos: KANJI4. Ballet Rhythmic Gymnastics acrobatic edition (160 pages)Masterpiece of pause collection of realistic athlete of ballet history 10 years, rhythmic gymnastics history 10 years lust!Now you also can draw a picture, such as Degas and Heindel !!Graceful and delicate, and many of transcendence pose full of strength and sense of movement!As it is powerful because it is continuous shooting! So well understood the movement of muscles developed, Guarantee to be a valuable materials at the time of the person Drawing, comics, illustrations production!One Book pose packed indispensable tantalizing Eyoku!table of contents1. pose of ballet (jumping, decided pause, the basics of movement)2. pose of rhythmic gymnastics performance (ball, ribbon, clubs)3. dance performance4. soft body pose (Biellmann spin etc …) 5. pose of the back stageSupervisor: Koji Shimamoto Photos: KANJI

This is a Japanese Book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this Book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the Book surely!!
This Book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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