Studio Ghibli “to When Marnie Was There” Ukulele Sheet Music w/CD


ウクレレで奏でるスタジオジブリ作品集 「風の谷のナウシカ」から「思い出のマーニー」まで (ソロ参考演奏CD付)

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Release Date: November 23, 2015


I’ll enjoy famous tunes of the yellowtail movie by an ukulele -self-accompaniment- -solo performance-!

-Shiro Laputa in the sky- -next TOTORO- an ukulele is easy to play and I arrange for a representative song of a famous story animation of the studio yellowtail such as -god hiding of Sen and Chihiro-.
The one of -memory of the life- and -Marr knee of a memory- of -a day, asked putting cloud- and -Kaguya-hime’s story- of -wind leaving NU- -Fine On The Outside- are filmed as a revise this time.
A solo arrangement includes 20 songs of 16 songs of all 36 song in a self-accompaniment arrangement. There is also a reference source CD of a solo performance, so I have tended to challenge a beginner recently.
– This note reeditted issue -GTL01089515 With reference performance CD The studio yellowtail work collection played by an ukulele- in 2013.

– Organization: Solo [1]-[16] and self-accompaniment [17]-[36]

– A grade: It’s mid and high level.

– Listing song [All 36 songs are listed.]
[1] -now deer in a valley of a wind-(opening)/-now deer in a valley of a wind- lay
[2] you’re taken on, and/, -a castle in the sky, Laputa- lay
[3] a decision of a theta/-Shiro Laputa in the sky- lay
[4] a cat bus/-next TOTORO- lay
[5] the town where a sea is seen/-witch’s door-to-door service- lay
[6] starting a trip/-witch’s door-to-door service- lay
[7] the -a witch’s, door-to-door service- lay including the work/
[8] country and load (TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS)/ -When it’s all ears.-, lay
[9] Princess Mononoke/-Princess Mononoke- lay
[10] reed taka jouki/-Princess Mononoke- lay
[11] a merry-go-round in a life/-the castle from which a howl moves- lay
[12] PONYO on the cliff/-PONYO on the cliff- lay
[13] Arrietty’s Song/ -I use and it’s GURA SHI, ARIETTI- lay
[14] day asked putting cloud/-wind leaving NU- lay
[15] memory of the life/-Kaguya-hime’s, story- strand
[16] Fine On The Outside/ -Marr of a memory, knee- lay
[17] now deer (symbol theme song)/-now deer in a valley of a wind- lay in a valley of a wind
[18] you’re taken on, and/, -a castle in the sky, Laputa- lay
[19] a way of a wind/-next TOTORO- lay
Comment from a publishing company
[20] make, PO/-the next, TOTORO- lay
[21] next TOTORO/-next TOTORO- lay
[22] if it was wrapped in the gentleness,/, -a witch’s, door-to-door service- lay
Ofthe talk which is the past at [23]/-red pig- is lay.
[24] bywho you’re anytime/-Heisei racoon dog battle PON POKO- is lay.
[25] country and load (TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS)/ -When it’s all ears.-, lay
[26] HOHOKEKYO -and- Mr. abandoned Yamada which stopped alone/, lay
[27] even how many times of usual/-god hiding of Sen and Chihiro- lay
[28] the name of the life/-a god of Sen and Chihiro, hiding- strand
[29] the -of a cat, repaying- lay which becomes a wind/
[30] an appointment for the world/-the castle from which a howl moves- lay
[31] song of

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
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