Samurai “Strange Helmet” The Complete Works Kabuto Collection Book


戦国武将 「変わり兜」 大全集

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Release Date: December 2, 2015


– Contents Introduction

Sengoku was decorate the glamorous life and death of the warlords, beauty also cruel war costumes. Not just for the purpose of defense on the battlefield, has undergone a unique development in order to make known their presence and military exploits -instead helmet-. As best of Japan’s traditional craft is now, not only in Japan, has gained enormous reputation abroad. Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Kenshin Uesugi, Kanbee Kuroda, such as Toshiie Maeda, from change helmet of famous warlords, such as transmitted to each clan, including the -red with a good-, -house flow-, valuable of the helmet and armor more than 100 rich to use the photo, such as the inside of the helmet from Tsukekata of standing products, finely recording thorough commentary to detail. In addition, the school of change history and armor nurses of armor from ancient times to the Edo period, such as armor nurses and Fumio Nishioka of work to live in modern times, even reading articles abundantly justified, just all the -change helmet- is seen, complete edition !

– About the Author
Editorial supervisor Tetsuo Owada (Tetsuo Owada) Born in Shizuoka. Waseda University Graduate School of Letters doctoral graduates. Currently, Shizuoka University professor emeritus. I majored in Japanese medieval history, and specializes in among them especially the Warring States history, is the guru of the Warring States era history research. The main book -ability of the Warring States period- (Chuko Shinsho), -Sengoku daimyo and reading- (Kashiwashobo), -Japanese history of the castle and the battle- (Shincho paperback), -Kanbee Kuroda: Chibo of Sengoku strategist- (mediocre company Shinsho), such as a number writing. Also do well as commentary on the lectures and television programs.

This is a Japanese book.
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