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Associated Names :ペルソナ3フェス
Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page
Total pages: 221 pages
ISBN-10: 4863325991
ISBN-13: 978-4863325999
Release Date: January 2008


It is a novelization of “Episode Aegis” of Persona 3 Fes.Basically it conforms to the contents of the game version. Agius is becoming the main character, but in the scene which became the trigger that each persona ability was aroused, it is the main psychological depiction of Shuhei. Other members sporadically touched my heart, but I wanted the development to become the main character for each chapter, like the two of the previous one, but there was a circumstance of the page.The biggest point is where the party whose opinion was divided by the use of an item has broken down, it is the place where it is expanded to fight each other’s hopes. In the original game, the impression that each opinion collided and became a parallel line is strong, but in this novel, since the solid determination and intention are depicted for the reason why the character decided his own, it is more than the original It is easy to transfer emotion.In the final stage, I was hoping “There will be a resurrection of that character in his own novel deployment …”, but unfortunately it was a faithful novel to the game until the end.Although it is not necessarily a new development in particular, if you read it, since Persona 3 world spreads, I think that it is worth reading.

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