日光東照宮 日光東照宮400年式年大祭記念

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– Contents Introduction

To commemorate the Nikko Toshogu 400 years -definitive edition- photo book. All of Toshogu of appeal is now in one volume of the photo book. Nikko Toshogu photographer, Mr. Shintaro Suda, have continued to shoot over a period of 30 years total. Ieyasu honor 400 years, definitive edition photo book as -Toshogu 400 years Shikinen festival commemoration-. Gorgeous and and delicate architecture, decoration, from a number of sculpture up to the festival, reproduced with beautiful pictures even up to 500 points the Nikko Toshogu of charm.

– Comments from the publisher

Ieyasu Tokugawa demise 400 years, to commemorate the Nikko Toshogu 400 years Shikinen, was able to photograph collections that it can be said that the culmination of Toshogu of 400 years. Mr. Shintaro photographer of Suda is, from among the photos that reservoir take over more than 30 years total, me for a cut of 500 points in all color. Beautiful architectural beauty, the familiar -sleeping cat-, -three monkeys- sculpture and art, such as -squeal dragon- is, of course, such as the solemn and the gorgeous a festival and powerful Yabusame, is Nikko Toshogu charm packed.

– About the Author
Shintaro Suda (Suda, Shintaro) 1957, Chiba Prefecture, was born. Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography graduated. She studied from a student to pioneer Mr. Jun Miki of Japan news photography. The photo book -true face of ambassador to Japan- (Photo Lumiere), -scandalous news of the era – the 80s-, -catch a whale – whale set of descendants of us- (Shoeisha), -Shinjuku Jowa,- -red people- (basil ), -What is a human being- (Shueisha), -Aegean eternal regression of the sea- to the co-author, -but do not know the mainland of human, Okinawa people that we all know – Okinawa, the US military base Guide- (book information Co., Ltd.) and many others. Awards 1986 Photographic Society of Japan rookie award.

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
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