Nikkei Bio Yearbook 2016 Japanese Biotechnology Year Book


日経バイオ年鑑2016 (Biofile)

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Release Date: December 17, 2015


– Contents Introduction

Definitive edition of the biotechnology field!
Product sector of the market, commercialization, development trends can be seen in the data

The latest trends in research and development and commercialization in the biotechnology industry, was the culmination of the future prospects -Nikkei bio Yearbook-.
Cancer immunotherapy, which is of particular interest in recent years in the biotechnology field, genome editing, etc. in detail nucleic acid drugs report
doing. In the 2016 edition, it has been greatly expanded the sectoral particulars of medical, diagnostic and medical equipment.

The information contained in this document is also available online. Research and development and strategic planning of the business, market investigation,
As reference data, such as investment decisions, Please use all means.

[Features of the 2016 version]
1. cover the important data to understand the market and development trends by product area

– domestic market trends of 2015

– 4 field (pharmaceuticals, diagnostic, chemical products, food and agriculture, bio-services and equipment) trends in the market and the research and development of

– In particular, greatly expanding the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical equipment field

2. Guidelines for the industry is known, key-person interviews of attention companies

– treatment means consideration by disease, strategic move to cancer immunity -(Astellas)

– -gene therapy, preceded by cell processing, raising the achievements of that lead- (Takara Bio)

– -gene nor treat cells, also entered in regenerative medicine- (Sysmex)

– -If established prior to manufacturing technology, become a presence that can not be ignored- (Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Dainippon)
Such as, from the target 15 companies business development vision, decipher outlook.

3. greatly expanded the special report that covers the trends and previous year results of 2016

– the present status and future prospects of cancer immunotherapy of next-generation

– innovation advances, genome editing technology

– NGS is opening up, new diagnostic

– regenerative medicine attention in the enforcement of the new law, the development trend of the quality control necessary to commercialize

– development trend of know-how and the next generation drugs of nucleic acid drug development

– balance sheet trends and future outlook of the pharmaceutical companies of the Western

– Present and Future of the domestic pharmaceutical market

– human-related database, continue to expand what the future
Such as, delve deeply attention topic, and outlook for the future.

Setting of -Nikkei bio Yearbook 2016- ONLINE version of access rights
The information in this document is also available online.

– full-text search, of course, the organization name, the substance name, development stage and research from such development outcomes and Product Overview
You can find the necessary information one shot. (Access rights are valid until the end of the year 2016)

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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