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– Contents Introduction

This book, based on the national treasure latest research results of Matsue Castle, and at the same time and heavy use of photos and illustration is a handy guide book to the general public, it was to be able to take advantage even as the article stated the source. In Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, guide book of Matsue Castle to castle tower remains of the castle at the time construction is left (also known as staggered Castle). And photographer Makoto Furukawa beautiful photo, heavy use of picture map, was clearly explained the interesting items related to Matsue. Matsue is, in the form of transfer from Tomita castle that was in Yasugi Hirosemachi in the residence of the amago clan, the construction of the castle and the castle town has been recommended in the helm of Yoshiharu Horio to the current Matsue. Castle tower is believed to have been completed in 1611 years (1611) year New Year earlier. In the revised version, it received that Matsue Castle castle tower has been specified in the 2015 July 8, national treasure, and add me for a Supplementary of 3 that led to the national treasure of (wearing or) specified product, the specific reasons of national treasure of It was easy to understand.

– Comments from the publisher

Heisei 27 years on July 8, guide book about Matsue Castle that has been designated a national treasure. In the revised version of the post-national treasure designation, add me for a Supplementary of 3 that led to the national treasure of (wearing or) specified products, it explains in detail the specific reasons of national treasure of. Towards the castle fan, in commemoration of the tower Nobori閣, to Matsue tourism companion, also as a resource, please enjoy the national treasure Matsue Castle tower with this book.

– About the Author
Author: Yu Ishii (much) is, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture was born, Shimane University after graduation, Shimane Prefectural Board of Education Culture Division, (goods) Matsue City Education and Culture Promotion Agency, working in Matsue Historiographical room. The main book, -Topography of Archaeology 3 (co-author)- (same Narusha), -Matsue History Appendices 2 (co-author)- (Matsue City), -series clan story Matsue clan- (Gendaishokan), -Matsue and approaching to the mystery of the castle town -(Harvest publishing).

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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