MAN-ZOKU 05/2013 Japanese Sexual Service in Kanto Area Guide Magazine


MAN-ZOKU (マンゾク) 2013年 05月号 [雑誌]

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■ ◇ ■ Capital Region Soap Special Feature ■ ◇ ■~ “But” or “But.” These conjunctionsIt interferes with your doubts. Well, when are you now ?!The girls are gentle lectures! “Good customers’ suprise”◇ 2nd special issue ◇Bizarre fighting district representing Tokyo is booming regardless of day and night!”Popular spot Kinshicho”
【COVER GIRL】◆ Yoshiwara · Soap “Haute Couture” Kisaki
【CONTENTS】◇ Kaizaki chan’s real intention can also be heard “FACE of the month”◇ The best coupons that the editorial department got “Manzokupon”◇ The photographer who really wants to take a picture of “Monster film – IRODORI -“◇ Experience manga “MAN – ZOKU monochrome”◇ The latest information on metropolitan customs “brush-up news”◇ I will show you how to make a nymphoman’s squid “Erotic female fair”◇ Who will make the most irritating sound “Hariigata Bera Championship”◇ The latest information on healing “Selected Adults’ Esthetic Spring and Massage Front Line”◇ No matter where you go to Nuki “Metropolitan Area MAP”◇ thorough guide on how to play when going to the rural area “Ichi pushing girls throughout the country”◇ Do not get lost even when you play overseas “MAN-ZOKU International”

This is a Japanese specialized magazine.
This is a magazine that can be obtained only in Japan.
There are a lot of photos and illustrations in this magazine.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy the book surely!!
If you are interested in we recommend it!

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