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Release Date: April 11, 2015

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– Contents Introduction

Now, it has become a quiet boom Goshuin thicker is combined with the love of women and shrines and temples tour travel.

As proof that you visit the temples and shrines and Goshuin, what has been carefully handed down.

Goshuin who carefully wrote wholeheartedly by hand is not the same thing as one,
Look and brush diction, it is really unique, such as originality of the press mark.

In this book, Among Goshuin of Kyoto, which never ceased to fascinate people around the world, not only in Japan
Such as limited time and features a mark or of paper which you can in the hidden famous temple and Nasha,
We introduce a little-to-a Goshuin.

Gratuitous and shrines and temples information of Goshuin also a handy version of the full, to accompany the journey of Goshuin thick.

Over the famous temple that Deaeru to the shrine of Goshuin / Bibotoke over from divine favor, such as Goshuin / marriage or gold luck up of limited Goshuin / unknown temples and shrines of surprise that can be seen in another area / Goshuin of history and perspective / pilgrimage and your poem / First visit from. I want to know Goshuin manners and Q & A Other

– Content ( -BOOK- database)
To your edge the Goshuin, why not visit the Kyoto hidden famous temple and Nasha? Limited time thing or colored paper, such as those that can in Kinji, to Kyoto journey of Forrest Gump. History of meaning and follow hidden in Zhu of the mark also can be seen. Learned also manners of the time get a visit and Goshuin, Goshuin gathered more and more fun. Impressive want to collect a number of Goshuin, divine favor another course of introduction and useful map, re-discover the Kyoto hidden charms love in indexed!

– About the Author
Yumiko Nishimura (Yumiko Nishimura) … 1975, Shiga Prefecture, was born, Kyoto resident. Mainly hair style, hair care, skin care, through a magazine editor of equal beauty system, to free. Goshuin collected hobby is Takaji, they formed a circle -Goshuin Otome part- in the age of the volunteers. And I want to tell widely as a theme that follows the power spot tour from the first wish from come true experience Goshuin collected.

– Author bio ( -BOOK author introduction information-)
Nishimura / Yumiko
Goshuin Otome part presided. 1975 Shiga Prefecture, was born. In 2009, free editor and writer after involved in the editing of about 10 years of the women’s magazine in Shufutoseikatsusha. 2011 emigrated from Tokyo to Kyoto. Start the Goshuin collected in 2012 and temples tour like Takaji. It along with the inauguration of the -Goshuin Otome part- in four Favorite female et al Tour of temples and shrines, (this data that the Goshuin information has been originated in the blog with a focus on Kyoto is that this book has been published at the time that has been published is)

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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