K-BOY Paradise #17 Korean Entertainment Book w/Block B Extra


K-BOY Paradise vol.17 ((別冊SPA! ))

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Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page.
Total pages: 104 pages

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4594609929

ISBN-13: 978-4594609924

Release Date: August 8, 2015


W cover is, Block B & Lee Min Ho! Ultra-premium benefits,
[Lee Min Ho] original post card and [Block B & Lee Min Ho] A3 Giant Poster

– -close to the Block B ~ mischievous boys of the real face — Intro feature 16P
Block B that is in the ultra-flashy performance, such as -gorilla dance- to fan Heart of the grab is, finally take the Intro of K-BOY!
The long-awaited 2nd single, which was released in May -HER (JapaneseVersion)- best condition! It approaches thoroughly to naughty in the mischief is their love true face!

– at the end feature -What was in the hands run through the inside of Lee Min Ho – darkness- 7P
-I was in order to meet our encounter.- The 1970s to the stage, film depicting the human pattern over the land development of Gangnam -Gangnam Blues- is, that kind of work for Lee Min Ho.
Including -The Heirs- in 2013, to seal the past showed in the feature films -Prince aura-, my best living man a tumultuous time
Lee Min Ho, taken become a dae is, what the learned as an actor through this movie, How I wonder has grown?
I dared emergency interview to Lee Min Ho, which was on the verge of the 30-year-old!

– GOT7 14P
2nd single-release, has been a big hit GOT7. 7 people is -unstoppable- hot feeling to ride the momentum, in the same way as they talk about the hot summer!

Following to the album, which was released in South Korea won the first of the first place, Japan version of the album -Action- is also his first of the Oricon Daily
Such as to achieve the first place chart, top form of U-KISS earlier this year. In the debut seven years, it hits them that still march forward does not end.
Action you would like to happen is Soo-hyun this year, the -ShabaKura-!?

MYNMAE congratulation 3rd album a big hit! 5 people which is always a 2nd 3rd !! tour is also riding on a successful ride to analyze their charm!?

From it about the latest drama to the story of the JYJ Jaejoong, during the take-home gait 悶診 the or arrays and Kore the patient is anxious.

– John-Hoon
Is attracting attention in Japan in the drama -Miya ~ Love in Palace-, dominating talks about John-Hoon is also as a singer, until now of 10 years, and the next 10 years?

– actor interview

Yunho (TVXQ), Lee Jun Ki, Park Sik, Yeon Woo-jin, Kim Jae


Supernova, Jang Keun Suk, Park Yoochun

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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