Japanese Fire Truck Photo Collection Book 2016


日本の消防車2016 (イカロス・ムック)

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Release Date: July 9, 2015

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– Contents Introduction

2015 version of the fire truck yearbook to introduce a new fire truck across the country.
Dragon hyper-command unit and a multi-purpose pump truck was produced in the prodding of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency, such as -MVF- this year,
Fire engine of the new concept appeared one after another. In the annual new car collection featured this year of a new vehicle can be seen at once,
It posted a total of 136 units from the pump trucks to special vehicles! In addition, a must-see of the equipment personnel
Such as -site really want vehicle of how to make- guide, it will deliver the contents of the rich!

– Special Feature
News of new cars
I met all of the -I want!- Of personnel -super fire engine-
① tower water tank with a fire pump car with a body (multi-purpose pump vehicles -MVF-) – Wakayama City Fire Department
② breadth selling third bus-type vehicles / rescue work vehicles Ⅰ type (or equivalent) – Shunan firefighting headquarters
③ put 1300L water tank of common sense-breaking! / Fire pump car CD-I type – Noda City Fire Headquarters
④ case defend Japan’s lifeline! / Energy and industrial infrastructure disaster readiness troops / Dragon Hyper-command unit / – Ichihara City Fire Department

– Special Feature
Safer and more functional to the vehicle! / -Ladder truck- look at the evolution of the trajectory / chronology -ladder truck History-
– Equipped with Japan’s first detachable electric water cannon! 31m ladder truck – Isehara City Fire Headquarters
? Rapid ladder on the water discharge of the key is to stretch water pipe! / 30m tip refraction telescoping ladder truck – Kawagoe district fire department and height + combines the function ladder truck / -54m ladder truck

– 2015 debut attention vehicle
And small aquarium with a fire pump car CD-I type – Kanazawa City Fire Department
? Disaster special water tank with a fire pump car I-A type – Hida City Fire Headquarters
And large chemical fire fighting pump car (large type I) – Sodegaura City Fire Headquarters
And rescue work vehicles Type I – Reihoku wide-area administrative affairs association firefighting headquarters –
And high-standard ambulance – Shioya wide-area administrative union firefighting headquarters
And rescue rescue car – Tokyo Fire Department
And chemical fire fighting pump car (III type or equivalent) – Ichihara City Fire Department

– site x equipped personnel x manufacturer
3’s cooperation has created -one single miracle.-
Rescue work car type II of Kobe City Fire Department

– put the soul thought the single as one personnel
Fire fighting vehicle production guide for the equipment personnel
~ Rescue work vehicles Hen

– Now, lifesaving car is hot!
– Car-contained royal road is still bus type! (Yokohama City Fire Department)
Crane is alongside compact! (Okayama City Fire Department)
? If you use a multi-purpose -microbus- is the correct answer! (Quanzhou south wide area firefighting headquarters Izumisano fire department)
? An ambulance if arrange -narrow path specification- to! / (Quanzhou south wide area firefighting headquarters Hannan fire department)

– once published the latest vehicle!
National fire truck Collection

– wants to pile many even one week! Fulfill
Latest space utilization surgery of rescue work vehicles

– thoroughly by example discussion!
Let’s make a personnel transport vehicles and equipment transport vehicles
? Fire Glossary
And vehicles list of emergency fire-fighting assistance Corps

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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