Japan Forest Road Touring Guide Book


林道ツーリングガイドブック (ブルーガイド・グラフィック)

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Release Date: May 29, 2015

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– Contents Introduction

Off-road bike magazine of -Monthly Garuru-
From the popular series -Enjoy forest road touring-
Carefully selected 50 area worth of forest road has put together the contents in one book.
Total distance of me was dirt, more than 1300km!

Planning pages, such as go with confidence in the people have never been to a forest road touring is also substantial.
Advice from the author since I was a high school student some 30 years of experience will be found firmly.
Let Tsunago ran a national forest road with this book!

As a special ed., Author has been around Japan at the time of the 19-year-old
The -1987 forest road around Japan- In about 30 years ago, Japan’s forest landscape,
-Overseas off-road touring- in also recorded unique to overseas experience.

[Part of me for the forest road]

– eastern Pong YoshiToshi by forest roads, town roads triple branching Oketo line-Michimichi 1093 and issues, and Kushiro around

– Dohoku Aizan cooked rice forest-MonoMitsurunai forest-Komuke Mizuumisen-Esanuka line

– Aomori Kansuizawa forest-Ishinoto forest road

– Akita / Iwate Minamihon in the forest road

– Miyagi forest road Mt. line-Lindau grapes Sawa line-Lindau Aono line

– Yamagata forest road Oshiozawa Hachimori line-Lindau Tozawa Namekawa line Takase forest road

– Fukushima forest road Mikawa Odagawa line-Kamabo forest and western forest, forest road seven months dake line-Otojiro forest road

– Fukushima / Ibaraki Shitokikawa forest road-bear of Kura forest road-Yokokawame and forest road

– Ibaraki fairyland forest-Funyu forest road

– between Chiba forest road up line-Lindau Hatakeshio well line

– Tokyo forest road grilled rock line-Lindau Aso mountain line, two bamboo forest road

– Tokyo / Saitama forest road Daimyo chestnut line-Lindau human beauty incoming line-Lindau Otera Mountain line

– Saitama forest road eight days look line-Lindau Mt. line-Lindau large finger line-Lindau Chichibu center line

– Saitama / Nagano / Yamanashi Nakatsugawa forest road, forest road Kawakami makioka line

– Gunma forest road Tomi Nihokosen-Kuribaragawa forest-Misawa forest road

– Gunma / Nagano forest road Yamada incoming line-Lindau Yuzawa line

– Nagano forest road Shigerurai line-Lindau Taguchi Jikkokutoge line-Lindau room Ohinata line –
Mount Akiha line-Lindau Kataoka high bocce line-Lindau lofty line –

– Yamanashi forest road Kosuge line-Lindau room Kubo line-Lindau Kanagatake line

– Shizuoka forest road Iwakura line-Lindau Takenosawa line-Lindau oak Pass Line and Mogi forest road

– Aichi forest road Ishihara Kawahara line Michinaga Hayashi Sakagami Tabaruzaka line-Nagara Metropolitan Kiso River embankment

– Gifu hillside forest road-Kiso Valley forest road-Kiso Yue forest road

– Shiga forest road Ota valley line-Lindau Ikehara snack line-forest pond original room line

– Fukui woodland path Wakasa trunk-Horikoshitoge forest road

– Kyoto forest road Futsunushi line-Lindau TanoMuko line-Lindau Akashi line-Lindau IzumiTomi Kimio line

– Kochi forest road Kyobashiratoge line-Lindau Kajisako small cypress Sosen-Jinenko forest-Suzugamori forest road

– Ehime forest road Mizuoshi Ishoubune line

– Fukuoka Suda field forest-IchinoHara forest, forest road woman Yue line

– Saga forest road Tsubakiyama line-path river Uchiyamasen

– Miyazaki forest road Tawarano-Kurobaru line

– Miyazaki / Kumamoto / Kagoshima Yatake forest road, National Highway 221 No. old road

And many others!

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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