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Definitive edition of illustration materials and techniques to draw the steam punk!

-Steam punk- is a SF genre was primarily the United Kingdom of the Industrial Revolution era to the stage.
Development of the factory system machinery industry, from the Industrial Revolution to the outbreak of the era of World War II
Customs and culture is turned to the base, is a world full of the steam engine and gear.

Including the Fantasy and Western, derived genre also widely, novels and movies, animation, games, etc.
It appeared as a stage of a wide range of story.

In this document, necessary in order to portray the world of steam punk
Etc. For more commentary 19th century society of knowledge of and illustrations drawing tips.
People and costumes, machinery (gear, rivets, pipe), vehicle (airship, steamship, locomotive),
Accessories (goggles, pocket watch, compass), building, indoor,
It is a book full of materials and techniques.

Cover illustration is the draw down of steam punk art guru, Ms. Kazuhiko Nakamura!

Main contents of this document]

– What is the steam punk sentence:? Mari Igarashi

– Art of Steam Nakamura, Kazuhiko

– of Chapter 01 steam punk material
01 basic of steam punk
02 19th-century costume
03 19th-century costume
04 19th-century costume
05 of the 19 century vehicle
06 ruffle pleat
07 gear rivet
08 steam punk color scheme
Issue 09 texture coloring

– draw a Chapter 02 characters
01 steam punk costumes 1
02 steam punk outfit 2
03 steam punk costumes 3
04 steam punk costumes 4
05 steam punk costumes 5
06 weapon ideas
07 basic character
08 vocational and character
09 maid
10 military personnel
11 pirates
12 Western … other

– draw a Chapter 03 world
Fancy 01 furniture
02 science and miscellaneous goods
03 idea of ??building
Fancy the 04 vehicle
Create a 05 story

[Illustration analysis]
– Rusty iron humanoid robot and dog type robot / Illustration: Aussie Utako
And steam locomotive and character / illustration: * zoff
– A girl and a huge revolver / illustration: Gia
? Round window of some of the full rivet room / Illustration: Aussie Utako
– Hit the steam city steam Dragon / Illustration: Den’oni

– Column Victorian technology [lighting and communications technology]

– steam punk glossary

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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