Far Journey: Yoshiko Okagami Work Collection Book


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Release Date: March 26, 2015


Phantom of the photo-collage artist, Japan’s first collection of works beyond the time of half a century, the long-awaited publication
Jisen work 77 points and all work list recording of the definitive edition!

1950s, Toshiko Okagami announced a vivid photo-collage work is described as -modern version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- by Shuzo Takiguchi, Japan’s first collection of works, the long-awaited publication!

To her birth, new expectations and the date of bubbly is my finger with trepidation.
Sex soar the sea, Leda of anguish, and the trap …… of nostalgia
Girls singing in the blue air but was vivid. (Snip)
The pain of barbs Tao’ a rose
I did has changed the only greeting to the girls.
As if it had received the transgressions that sowed the seeds of bear fruit unexpected flower, I will dismay to bloom woman of 諤ィ.
But the girls of the instrumentation too flashy in the palm carved in deep wrinkles,
When involuntarily avert their eyes, she who was proudly whisper of.
-We are free by- and. ( -Collage and Me- from 1953)

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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