EVANGELION Piano Forte #1 Official Music Score Book


EVANGELION Piano Forte #1 ~エヴァンゲリオン ピアノフォルテ #1~ オフィシャルミュージックスコアブック (Official Music Score Book)

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Total pages: 80 pages
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4636903749
ISBN-13: 978-4636903744
Release Date: February 1, 2014


Composer · Mr. Shigero Sagisu, a highly anticipated album “EVANGELION Piano Forte # 1 composed by Shiro SAGISU” which the superior first-class pianist played piano arrangements by his own hand.Of the 18 albums released in October 2013, dream music collections containing 16 songs in complete copy will be released at last.The piano song “QuatreMains” that Shinji and Kaoru played in a duet with the play of the movie “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q” released in 2012 are listed in <Dodgy Score>.Every song is a playing response to make the heart of a pianist hot and is a full-fledged and top quality piano score collection that you want to add to the repertory even if you are not a fan.
★ Only for the first shipment, it will be a product with an obi.
■ Listed songs [Listing all 16 songs][1] E01 _ matsumoto[2] B20 _ kuriya[3] B 01 _ miyagi[4] E13 _ kita[5] M10_nakanishi_arianne[6] EM 21 _ matsumoto[7] KK_A 09 _ miyagi[8] KK_A 08 _ miyagi[9] KK_A09_alterna_kuriya[10] E16 _ shima[11] QuatreMains_miyagi_kita [Dodgers][12] M11_shionoya_arianne[13] A 01 _ yamashita _ take 1[14] QuatreMains_tribute to Rachmaninov_kita[15] A 01 _ clone _ miyagi[16] F 02 _ miyagi
■ Grade: Advanced■ Organization: [1] – [10], [12] – [16] piano · solo / [11] duet

This is a Japanese Sheet Music Book.
OP theme song & ED theme song are collected in this Book.
Even if you cannot read Japanese you will be able to play perfectly.
If you love playing music don’t miss it!

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