Enoden Miracle in 10km Enoshima Electric Railway Japanese Railway Book


江ノ電 10kmの奇跡 ――人々はなぜ引きつけられるのか?

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Release Date: June 26, 2015


– Precingulum copy

In only 10 km of whole lines, annual passenger 17,000,000 person super-!

A television also rushes into coverage of mass communication!

In the background where I get over a crisis of former abandoned power line and cut a conspicuous figure as -male of a local railroad-
The -heart in- a railroad shop in Showa which isn’t let by the trend of the efficiency and the profit emphasis run and.
There was a strategy -It doesn’t change.- is made important to which!

– The contents of this note

The first book of the kou NO den (Enoshima electric railroad) former president of the company who gets over a crisis of an abandoned power line and cuts a conspicuous figure as a male of a local railroad. A television will be a first publication from the management side about kou NO den with the high attention.

Is it for some reason to attract one beyond 17,000,000 annual passengers (1200 everyone chou is estimated at a tourist.) though it’s a local private railroad in only 10 km15 station between all district?
The charm which is an area in the background, not to mention, it isn’t poured into the trend of the efficiency, thoroughly, -safety-, first, an author says that there are considered -heart in- a railroad shop in Showa and a strategy he decorates with -charm of not changing-.
The top is the leg concretely, and the year-end full inspection which walks the whole lines and the episode I keep using old vehicle and railroad station for which even if I make an effort, are told.

While management of American way of profit emphasis is at the height of prosperity, anyway the thought that it’s important to reconsider Japanese good spiritual culture is being transmitted.
The suggestion however raises the enterprise value by -the quality- or is also big as management philosophy as–which you give at the inside where you can’t plan for quantitative expansion from now on to me.

The Ulla talk of kou NO den which isn’t learned about of course is also fully loaded.

1 copy which gives a new viewpoint to general businessman and proprietor as well as the person concerned and a railway fan of a railroad, sightseeing and town promotion, too.

– Author’s word

Being to find the good form of the Showa in kou NO den, and when rehabilitating the important Japanese spiritual culture the economy now leaves, it may be some help of revival of Japanese society.
They may also make use of a word of the man who has lived as a railroad shop the time now.
–I was bold, but you made the book which thinks and tells a railroad so published.

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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