Drakengard Official Guide Book Complete Edition / PS2


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Associated Names :ドラッグ・オン・ドラグーン 公式ガイドブック・コンプリートエディション
Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page
Total pages: 399 pages
ISBN-10: 4757510314
ISBN-13: 978-4757510319
Release Date: October 2003


Contents (From “BOOK” database)Completely capture the story that leads to all endings. In addition, I will explain the sub-story in detail. All the weapons appearing in the drag-on dragoon 65 types of images and data at all levels are released to the public! A complete analysis of the magic attacks! A complete analysis of all the missions of the free mission all 26 scenarios! Secret Battle techniques are open to the public.
Contents (from “MARC” database)A guidebook of “Drag on Dragoon” for PlayStation 2. In addition to the story that leads to all endings, a complete story is also taken about the sub-story. 65 kinds of all weapons, magic attacks, missions and so on.

This is a book that can be obtained only in Japan.
There are a lot of illustrations in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you will be able to surely to enjoy it!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you love it don’t miss it!

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