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Release Date: December 10, 2015


– Contents Introduction

How it has formed an armed battle group -War Boys- doing Imotan Joe is?
Do Fuyuriosa Why was the decision to release the five wives?
The identity of the girl of mystery that plague the Max?

Indomitable that changed paint a history of violence action masterpiece -Mad Max- series – civilization is not only the film history in the fierce visual that collapse devastated the near future, of the legend that gave a strong impact on a variety of entertainment works Mad movie a large revival of -anger- in about 30 years !!
The latest, published in 2015, -Mad Max Death load of anger- is a big hit all over the world, has set a new Mad Max mythology.

This book, and the comic that summarizes the previous day Tan hero Max other main characters who were not told in the main movie, full Japan that 65 people of the comic artists together in one book the art collection was raised to draw a Mad Max theme word is a translated version.
Comics co-authored the writers is the creator of George Miller director himself and the main movie of the Mad Max series.
Max our road leading to the -Death Road of anger- (Story) is included.

-Nux & Immortan Joe- Imotan Joe of one of the armed groups, -War Boys-, and the upbringing of Nyukusu, Joe Moore Colonel was the hero of the oil war and the water war, to develop the -Citadel- as its own fort , a story that will become a tyrannical commander of Imotan Joe.
The fort of -Furiosa- Imotan Joe, there is clean air and a special compartment where there is water that has been isolated and protected from the outside world of the harmful environment, five wives of Joe had been imprisoned there.
Fuyuriosa of battalion commander fled from the fort and brought five of his wife, trying to escape the aim of which is home -green earth-.
Order to re-create -Max Part 1 & 2- destroyed again the car interceptor, Max wandering the dangerous wasteland is, eventually fuel and car parts, arrive to the town -gas-Town- is worth than the life of the people.
Max challenge to kill each other in the game in the arena in the gas-Town, get a V8 engine of the legend is a booty.
Back to the hideout to repair the car, but also attacked by the car would have been also deprived engine.
Woman of mystery who helped Max seriously injured seek the cooperation story that it has been deprived of their daughter to the band of thieves called Buzzard.
-The War Rig- main movie in the most important machine -War Tank- the birth of the story.
-Mad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists- apocalyptic world of Australian maestro has produced George Miller director movie -Mad Max- – the beautiful and crazy overwhelming view of the world, which also said that the mythology of this modern, 65 people of the comic artist the challenge! white ecstatic dancing to art collection of expressed in unique style -anger-!

– About the Author
(Original) George Miller: Australian producer, film director, playwright. It became the ranks of fame film director by the worldwide smash hit of -Mad Max- series. Such as other masterpiece is -Babe,- -Happy Feet-.

(Translation) Kiichiro Yagishita: 1963 Born in Osaka. University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering College. English and American Literature translator through a magazine editor, a movie critic. Familiar with the murder case of Europe and the United States, focusing on not working too much translation of people as a special translator. The main translations to Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, -From Hell-, such as Gene Wolfe, -The Fifth Head of Cerberus-. Many also book such as -massacre movie communication-.

(Co-writer) George Miller, Nico Rasourisu, Mark Sexton
(Construction) Riccardo Colomba, Leandro Fernandez, Tristan Johns, Mark Sexton
(Cover) Tommy Lee Edwards

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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