China Map of Selden Solve the Mystery of Disappeard Old Maps 400 Years


セルデンの中国地図 消えた古地図400年の謎を解く (ヒストリカル・スタディーズ)

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One of the map through a time of 400 years have changed the history.

Old maps of China has been found in the Oxford Bodleian Library. 17 century, after being donated by the law scholars Selden, was something that had been forgotten during the hundred years. Record of East Asia of the Age of Discovery, including Japan under the national isolation had been left there.

Beautifully like a landscape painting, accurate this map also topographic is, what kind of has been produced in history?

While Tour of -Selden map- is available has been Stuart morning England, spice Islands became the stage of the spice trade, the Hirado Nagasaki East India Company has placed a trading house, the Chinese historian of the authors embark on elucidation of the secret. Historical nonfiction approaching shock to the mystery of the map was given to the world.

-Selden map is not a such as those drawn as it is its age, it is far beyond record dense ingenuity has been Korasa, it has been produced, touching to the human eye, the writing has been made so that tells a lot about the time and place.
This book of the protagonist is a people with a story that intersects with the map. The era matter how rich, complex, and we were able to reveal or not progressed global network of, would it can be said that this book attempts was successful. –
(From this book preface)

Table of Contents Preface
What problem of Chapter 1 this map?
Chapter 2 closed sea Theory
Read the Chinese in Chapter 3, Oxford
Chapter 4 John Saris and China captain
Chapter 5 compass rose
Chapter 6 voyage from China
Chapter 7 Ten’en region
Secret map of Chapter 8 Selden
The land of epilogue repose

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