All of SUV Car All Album Perfect Catalogue Book 2014


SUV全車カタログ (ぶんか社ムック)

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Total pages: 144 pages
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4821165937
ISBN-13: 978-4821165933
Release Date: August 30, 2014


● Domestic production of all SUV thorough commentaryDomestic SUV It is a complete guide of album format that you can see at a glance the good points of each car. It is easy to compare SUVs you care about.It is a special feature that makes it more fun to think which SUV to take as a favorite car.
● How to choose all individual SUVs for individual importsRecommended for those who want to ride SUVs that are different from everyone is import SUV.We will inform you of the appeal of imported SUV with individuality different depending on each country and car model.Recently, even models imported car models with cost performance equivalent to domestic cars have appeared.We will invite you to the world of imported SUV which is increasingly expanding in selection.
● The latest strategy of major domestic parts manufacturersBecause SUV has more than just “mobility feet” functionality, there are additional functions, performance, visual power and so onThere are plenty of “parts” that can be retrofitted for addition.Here we will focus on manufacturers of such parts and show you the “shape” of the latest SUV proposed by each manufacturer.It is a special feature that makes it possible to see the possibilities in the real sense of SUV.

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There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
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