All about New TOYOTA LEXUS LS & CELSIOR in history fan book


新型レクサスLS&歴代セルシオのすべて―走りを極めたトップ・オブ・レクサス、LS460SZデビュー!! (モーターファン別冊 歴代シリーズ 7)

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Release Date: November 26, 2009


Lexus LS & All Cassio ‘s test ride LS 460 “version SZ” Driving pleasure living in the highest peak OUTLINE of NEW LEXUS LS What is the point of the minor change rival car comparison test drive LS 460 L UZ vs Mercedes – Benz S Class vs BMW 7Series Feast of the champion Used hands thoroughly Check to the finished shape as a flagship L – Selece Choose from 30 thousand street, “my LS” LS 600 h (L) High – end model releasing a lonely presence Buyer ‘s Guide From sports to hybrid, options are wide New LS 460 / 600h Drawing Print Catalog [Special Contribution] What was the first Celsior? Celsior / LS History History of creation and challenge, looking back on the contents of each model change Yuzudo Celsior Purchase Points Celsior of the yearning hand now, hand Historic model · Revival First Celsior “All of Celsior (First edition) [Presentation venue report] Banquet celebrating the exit of luxury cars [Test Driver] The Ultimate Prestige Car Impressed by its running [Development Story] Advanced technology that respects the people necessary for luxury cars [Mechanism Detailed Commentary] Engine and driving system that integrates with high precision in the first term [West German test drive noise] Luxury car equipped with Japanese “virtue of humility” [thoroughly checking usability] Interior decorated with luxury and abundant electric system Primary Celsior press catalog second generation Celsior “All of the new Celsior” (second generation) [Test Driver] The performance as a prestige car steadily evolved [Rivale test drive] Running luxury cars evolving [Development Story] Second car from the fine car to the great car Celsior Shrink Reprint Catalog Third generation Celsior “All of New Celsior” (Third generation) [Test Driver] Who should share a quiet and comfortable space [aerodynamic report] Amazing aerodynamics Cd = 0.25 Advanced! Easy to use Comfortable and comfortable advanced electronic equipment Third generation Celsior Duplex Catalog Lexus LS “All of Lexus LS” [Test Driver] What should be in a luxury car [Development Story] LS included Philosophy [Design · Interview] Legislative twinning of dignity and dynamism Lexus LS 600 h “All of Lexus LS 600 h” [Test Driver] Heterogeneous Smoothness [Rivale Test] “Concept of the Top Class” Great masterpiece that changed the history of

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