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ホンダ ジェイドのすべて (モーターファン別冊 ニューモデル速報 第507弾)

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Release Date: February 18, 2015


Despite being a completely new model, it is a model that seems to have appeared indeed after all. That’s right, this is Jade, which is close to the concept of Odyssey of the previous generation (third to fourth generation). However, the idea has greatly evolved considering that the lineup of only the hybrid employing the 1.5L engine adopted a great difference between left and right separating the second row seat to considerably comfortable. Of course, the low center of gravity style of the multi-level parking lot OK can be said to be an evolutionary form of an urban minivan. Please check carefully in this issue.
Exquisite hybrid packageThe technology of low floor minivan which is one direction of current Honda was born by the technological innovation of Odyssey 3rd to 4th generation. A thinner fuel tank, and a rear double wishbone type suspension that can take a firm stroke while making the thickness thinner. These technologies have been realized from a strong desire to build a minivan that secures the total height below 1550 mm. In addition, we adopted a hybrid this time. Where is the battery installed, regardless of the electric motor? As a result, the battery housed under the center console has become a major key to the introduction of high-density mechanisms while maintaining a low overall height. This was also a technical innovation from Honda’s fuel cell vehicle FCX Clarity. Careful but surprising advanced packaging technology has brought this Jade to birth.■ All contents of Honda JadePhoto gallery / Driving Impression / Outline / Development Story / Design Interview / Mechanism Detailed Commentary / Rival Comparison Test Drive – Prius α, Premacy, Exiga – / Usability Complete Check / Honda Access Development Story / Accessory & Dressup Parts Guide / Infinite Parts Preview / Buyers ‘Guide / Honda Finance Genuine Credit Commentary / ENGINEERS’ VOICE / Present Corner / Reduced Printing Catalog

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