Ace Attorney Gyakuten Saiban Best Selection Beginner Piano sheet music book


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Associated Names : やさしいピアノ・ソロ 逆転裁判 ベストセレクション
Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page
Total pages: 72 pages
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4401027590
ISBN-13: 978-4401027590
Release Date: March 30, 2013


From the popular battle adventure game “Reverse Tribunal” series which celebrates 12 years of release, finally the piano song collection appears!
In this time, we selected songs that matched the piano from among the three works “Reversal Reversal Success”, “Inversion Trial 2” and “Inversion Trial 3”!
It also contains a medley version that can be played only with this score, with a friendly arrangement even for beginners!Fans are happy with a character seal ★
«Target audience: beginners»
A piece of music■ Opening ~ interrogation ~ truth tells ~ pursuit 【inversion trial 1 medley】■ Opening ~ interrogation ~ the truth tells ~ pursuit 【inversion trial 2 medley】■ Opening ~ interrogation ~ the truth tells ~ pursuit 【inversion trial 3 medley】■ Gakuseido Ryuichi – Objection! Medley■ Ryori Midnight – Reversing Sister’s Theme■ Great Revival ~ Kiki Rei Samurai■ Godo ~ coffee is a faint color of darknessKeisuke Isooka ~ Itonoko Detective■ Investigation 2001 – early stage, core medley■ Preservation place – Elegy of guards■ Memory ~ DL 6 case■ Winning ~ First victory■ Happy people■ Hariri Ryiri ~ Together with Gomi-chan■ Otto Fighter Tonosaman■ Eccentric■ Tachimi · Circus■ Phantom ☆ Mask mask – Please listen!■ Taiho Kun – I want to protect you■ Shiba Kuzo Toranosuke – Swingin / Zenitra■ Miyanagaya Chinmi – Distant Shadow■ Tenryu Sai Eris – Easy Melody■ Inversion trial 3 · Termination※ The songs are arranged for piano solo.

This is a Japanese Sheet Music Book.
OP theme song & ED theme song are collected in this book.
Even if you cannot read Japanese you will be able to play perfectly.
If you love playing music don’t miss it!

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