3DCG x 3D Printer Digital Figure 2015 Japanese figure fan book


3DCG×3Dプリンタ デジタル造形 2015 CGWORLD特別編集版

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Release Date: June 23, 2015


Samples of 2015 year edition into which know-how of digital modeling by a professional was condensed!
This fiscal year’s edition is page increase! About processing after solid output, it’s being introduced more deeply!

It appeared on a specialized magazine of 3DCG& picture production -CGWORLD-.
The sourcebook which collected companion pieces of figure production by a digital prototype and a three-dimensional print.
Digital prototype production by 3DCG tool such as ZBrush and.
Until I come to processing after output from data making for three-dimensional prints.
Production know-how of a figure is introduced abundantly.
The construction of this note is called -the knowledge volume- -the case volume-, I split up into 2 big.
Because active specialists are explaining both clearly while using many diagrams.
Even the person who will challenge digital modeling now is the relieved contents.

– The knowledge volume

Surface treatment method of a digital output thing by Ell Dora model.
by ModelingCafe which output mechanic modeling by a high-performance three-dimensional printer

– The case volume Record work

-Beautiful girl figure-
Kosaka Kirino -My younger sister can’t be so cute.-
Dragon KE joushichi -underground money of dragon KE joushichi-
Weapon shop Cattleya -Queen’s blade-
Angela Balzac -paradise banishment -Expelled From Paradise–
Mr. VINIEIRA -the world conquest-ZUVIZUDA of a plot–
Sakura apricot -magic girl MADO or


-Male character& mechanic etc.-
Submarine I 401 -blue steel arpeggio ? ARUSU NOVA?-
VF-19 ADVANCE -theater edition Macross F-SAYONARANOTSUBASA,–
Ellen giant -giant of an advancement-
East Asia Heavy Industries Synthetic man
Crab Kama case

This is a Japanese book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the book surely!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you are interested in don’t miss it!

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