2 Stroke Magazine #4: Japanese 2 Stroke Motorcycle Fan Magazine w/DVD


【DVD付き】2ストロークマガジン Vol.4―本とDVDで、2ストの楽しみ方を徹底検証 (NEKO MOOK 1787)

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Release Date: June 14, 2012


Feature: NSR Strongest, Fastest Legend Part 2’The two-stroke sports that made rapid progress in the’ 80s decided to disappear in the late ’90s.In the middle of it, the MC 21 that appeared in 1990 may be safe to say that it is the apex of a two-stroke machine.
In this issue, we focus on MC21 and feature NSRs that appeared in the middle and late stages.Detail check of endurance race specification which made it easy to ride and durability, brothers NSR life pursuing running with light tune,The fastest challenge, such as how 248.00 km was born, and purchasing a machine at the editorial department and sending it in a serialized format such as “good NSR, try making a bad NSR”Full of content that is readable.
Also, because the DVD of the appendix also contains the running and maintenance of NSR,Please enjoy it together with the movie.
Other contents· NSR 88 Revival Project Part 1 “I tried making an upper cowl”· New 2 stroke custom· 2-stroke Fuzzy Child ~ Moto Rice Racing so far and future challenge ~
Special appendix DVD· How to enjoy NSR & maintenance guide· RZ 100 horsepower plan· Sunday racer test drive [Suzuki RG 500 g by MAGICAL racing]· 2-stroke faint clouds [MOTOINE RACING]


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