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Earn Commission With The Affiliate Program

Have an anime or game related website? The Affiliate Program is an easy way for to enhance your site by giving your site visitors a way to purchase anime products from one of the best Anime book stores on the web. By simply linking to the, you can earn generous referral credits by having visitors click from your site through to the to purchase anime items. What could be more simple! Affiliate Program Characteristics

  • Our Affiliate Program Pays 10% of Every Sale!!!
  • For example:
    Inuyasha Piano Sheet Music Collection Book sells for $ 100.00 USD.
    For every sale you refer to us, we will pay you 10% ($10.00)
  • Cookie Expiry is 90 Days.
  • When one of your site visitors arrives at our site through an affiliate link, you’ll receive commission for their next our site purchase even if they don’t buy anything when they first click on your link. As long as your visitors make a our site purchase within 90 days, you’ll receive commission.

Our store is paying a bonus commission rate and/or monetary bonus to Affiliates that meet the sales volume target level below.

Special Bonus!!


Level Monetary Bonus
US$200 per Month US$20.00
US$500 per Month US$70.00
US$1000 per Month US$150.00
US$1500 per Month US$250.00
US$2000 per Month US$400.00
US$3000 per Month US$700.00


Here’s how to get started

  • uses ClixGalore to manage our affiliate program. We will provide you with great tools to sell our product easily.
  • We also provide you ways to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions.
  • All you need is a free ClixGalore affiliate account ID. You can sign up below today!
  • ClixGalore will even credit you for sales even if your buyer does not buy on the first day. The affliate software will track customers you refer so you will always get paid!


Why such a high commission rate?
We pay 10% commission because we want to have as many people as we can promote our product. That way the word can get out to the most amount of people. We need your cooperation.
Who pays me?
We will pay you all your commissions.Please check the ClicxGalore page if you want to know about method of receiving money.
How do I promote?
Once you become an affiliate you get your own “Affiliate Website” to promote.
All you do is promote the unique URL that we give you. Then you can advertise it using your website, banners, your own opt-in list, etc…
When people come here and buy you get paid a whopping 10% commission on the sale of every Anime Book we sell!
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