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Kankyu Okoku #74 Japanese Stereo Audio Fan Book

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Condition : USED. Very Good. No missing page.
Total pages: 207 pages
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4880733423
ISBN-13: 978-4880733425
Release Date: October 28, 2014


* vacuum tube amplifier and the LP board in the revived classic ultimate name boards and great performance Tester = Manabu Kaneko (Baren Puratte) / Osamu Takatsu Classic of the great masters of the name record, the true charm of the name played in history, Tube amplifier and a high-quality A Pull in combination with the analog LP records. Violin, Piano, Opera Vocal In six of the theme of Furtwangler, Karajan excellent recording board, select the record. While exchanging and playing, KNOWLEDGE surrounding rare board, a variety of output tube species, sound amplifier circuit configuration The charm of the source and in relief. * WE, Westrex, Motiograph, ALTEC, Langevin, IPC, RCA, Ampex6L6 / 807 system Compared to hear of the push-pull power amplifier Tester = new Tadaatsu / Hirokazu Shinoda / Yuzo Doi Beam tube 6L6 that RCA was developed in 1936, often used in the United States of business for the power amplifier, Variations is also a rich output tube. And 6L6, vintage using the transmitting tube 807, WE350B You than listen to over Di push-pull power amplifier 14 model.Listen for the speaker Arte Click 604E + 612. Well look for a sound that drives the monitor speakers with a strong magnetic circuit Ri you. * explore the charm of the Vintage Analogue Fairchild cartridge New Tadaatsu / Ryuichi Sato / Akira Furuya It produced a variety of products, such as lay the foundation of modern semiconductor technology, cutting systems for disk recording Arm and, high-performance MC cartridge that has been used, for example, for the lacquer master playback of LP record Di 220 series Fairchild, known for such. Was mainly active in the 1950s and 1960s, To listen to the Fairchild-made cartridge 9 model, we explore the charm. * compared hear of the experimental workshop directly heated triode 300B current production tube 14 species Tester = new Tadaatsu / Akira Okada / Hirokazu Shinoda Listening to Private Study / the highest level of the analog player Ikuo Tsunoda Manufacturing explore Phase mation Nobuyuki Fu Tell me the first time in the audio lab If you aspire to recording, first do it the play! Kiyoshi Tokiwa My Handy Craft Production of Karaki KokorozashiNobuo * P & G fader adopted Aktiv type Boryuumu control box SP02 Production of Akira Kobayashi * 5933WA push-pull stereo power amplifier K59III History and the name of the machine our German Klang film Masanobu Kobayashi SPEAKER CRAFT of the idea to JBL FOSTEX FE103Sol equipped Osamu Takatsu 2014 fall of the attention new product listen Report the vacuum tube & Vintage & Parts Shop

This is a Japanese Book.
There are a lot of illustrations and photos in this Book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you enjoy reading the Book surely!!
This Book is never sold in the foreign country.
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